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The Best Laid-Plans:

How Government Planning Harms Your Quality of Life, Your Pocketbook, and Your Future

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Government planning does more harm than good to the regions, resources, and communities being planned, says American Dream Coalition director Randal O'Toole in this new book. O'Toole shows that planning cannot work because the areas being planned are far too complex for anyone to comprehend. Rather than deal with this complexity, planners follow fads, which inevitably destroy the resources they are supposed to protect.

O'Toole has more than thirty years of experience reviewing land-use plans, transportation plans, forest plans, wilderness plans, park plans, and all sorts of other government plans. None of these plans worked, and O'Toole's goal today is to persuade Congress and state legislatures to repeal all planning laws and to shut down all city and county planning offices.

The Best-Laid Plans was published by the Cato Institute and is available in hardback for $22.95. The American Dream Coalition has purchased a number of copies and is offering them to people who join or renew their membership in the Coalition for just $15, including shipping.

Don't miss this great new book! Order your copy today.

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